Do you have a teenage son or daughter who is having troubles coping up with life? Does your son or daughter looks irritated? Is your child showing signs of depression, irritation and lack of interest? If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you have tried everything to steer them in the right direction but to no avail then we might just have the perfect solution for you. We suggest that you should try wilderness therapy. There are many famous and successful wilderness therapy for teenagers programmes running all over the country. Don’t worry if you are not able to make up your mind, we are here to help you and in this article we will inform you on everything there is to know about wilderness therapy.

  • What is a wilderness therapy programme?

Ask yourself a question. What do you do when you are depressed and your depression is coming in way of your personal and professional life? Most of us schedule a visit to the psychiatrist. A psychiatrist treats us with a combination of psychoactive drugs and counseling. This is known as psychotherapy. Wilderness therapy aims to achieve exactly what psychotherapy does but wilderness therapy doesn’t involve any psychoactive prescription drugs. The principle behind wilderness therapy is to make you face to face with nature and to let you explore your inner self in the quiet and peace of Mother Nature.

  • Is wilderness therapy any effective:

You might be surprised at the fact that wilderness therapy has a much higher success rate than any other form of psychotherapy. And the best thing about wilderness therapy is that it doesn’t involve any psychoactive drugs. We all know that a lot of people get addicted to prescription drugs and their condition worsens instead of improving. Thankfully there is no such dark side to wilderness therapy. You can be sure that it will be just as effective but without any side effects.

  • What makes wilderness therapy so successful?

As a parent you must not think that your teenage son or daughter is going over the top with his or her negative behavior. Teenage years are quite troublesome even for those who have perfect families and are popular at the school. This is the age when kids start to ask questions and form their own opinions. Sometimes these opinions might not seem to be in sync with your opinions. Wilderness therapy acknowledges this fact and capitalizes on it instead of rejecting it. In a wilderness therapy programme teenagers are not shouted at or given orders or told what to do and what not to do because these are the exact things that trouble their already troubled minds. In a wilderness therapy programme they are allowed to make their own choices, they are made face to face with the Mother Nature. As they talk to their inner being in the quiet and peace of Mother Nature, they realize their true self. In short we can say that wilderness therapy programmes help teenagers to realize self worth.

Author had a troubled and turbulent past as a teenager but wilderness therapy steered her in the right direction. Today she is a wilderness therapy spokesperson for the Rites Of Passage Wilderness Therapy.