If you are watching your weight or trying to lose some of the weight that you gained over the holidays you may want to follow some tips that will boost your metabolism. Boosting your metabolism burns more calories and will help you to control weight gains more effectively. How can you do this? Use the tips below to improve metabolic rates and keep unwanted weight from impacting your health and well-being.

  • One of the first tips to use is to build up your muscles so your metabolic rate will increase. The more muscles that you have the more calories your body will burn to sustain the muscles that you have. If you stretch and work with weights you can build up more muscle power that burns more calories as your metabolism is increased.
  • Participate in more strenuous exercises that increase your metabolism. Use high-intensity workouts that will give you a longer rise in metabolism that provides you with more benefits. If you’re accustomed to going on short walks, include some jogging or short bursts of speed to help boost your metabolic rate.
  • In order to burn calories your body needs plenty of fluids. The experts at suggest that you drink water, unsweetened beverages, and include some supplements that can help to reduce cellulite naturally. These supplements can help to smooth, tone, and improve the elasticity of your skin as you work toward looking and feeling better.
  • Next, snack smart by eating a small snack every four hours. This will keep your metabolism up and will impact the amount of food that you eat at your regular mealtimes. You can always grab an apple, other fruit, or snack on some cheese and crackers.
  • Did you know that spicy food has a natural chemical that kicks metabolism up a notch? Use chopped green or red peppers in stews, pasta dishes, and on sandwiches to keep those calories burning. Try to find recipes that include some chilli peppers that increase your metabolic rate in a tasty way.
  • Remember to always eat a balanced diet but replace some of the carbs that you usually eat with protein-rich food that work to increase your metabolism. Some sources to consider are turkey, fish, lean beef, tofu, eggs, beans, nuts, and low-fat products from the dairy counter. If you have special physical conditions it’s always best to consult your doctor before you start any diet changes that can impact your overall physical condition.
  • If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, you’ll be pleased to know that caffeine makes you feel energetic, and can increase endurance when you exercise. Remember that coffee should be enjoyed in moderation since the rise in your metabolism will be short-term.
  • Finally, enjoy a cup of hot green tea which will combine catechins and caffeine to boost your metabolism. If you drink three to four cups of tea your body can burn up to 17% additional calories if you exercise shortly thereafter.