We keep hearing everywhere that as a population we are living longer. This is great news but what we all should focus on is improving our quality of life as we advance into our later years. Keeping healthy means enjoying retirement to the fullest, not having to deal with hospital beds, and being there to relish our families growing up. There are lots of simple steps we can take to look after our minds and our bodies as we grow older, here are some factors you should consider.


Staying in touch and communicating regularly with friends and loved ones is key to a long and happy life. Make the effort to keep in contact with people, meet up for coffee on a regular basis, and pick up the phone when you feel it’s been too long. Socialising improves our mood and keeps us using our brain,this wards off depression and dementia.


Get into a Routine

A regular routine will benefit various areas of your life. Regularly getting your recommended eight hours of sleep is good for your brain and will set you on the right track in the rest of your life. Having meal times at a set times will help your digestive system.

Keep Active

From swimming to armchair aerobics, there is plenty you can be doing into your old age which will keep you fit.

Eat Well

It is easy to let this one slip if either we live a busy life or want to save money. As much as you can, cook fresh produce in order to monitor how much salt and other things detrimental to your health you are eating. It is always wise to keep a balanced diet, eating more fruit and veg will give your body the requisite vitamins it needs to fight off infections and stay strong.

Have Regular Check-ups

All doctors advise that once you reach over 65 years old you should attend regular appointments at your local GP’s surgery. This will enable you to be watchful of any symptoms that you should be on the look-out for and ensure you are on the right levels of medication if it is needed. For more information and tips on staying healthy visit the NHS website.

Stay Independent but Know when you need Assistance

It is healthy to do as much for yourself as you feel able for as long as you can. Go to the shops for yourself when you can, do your cleaning as much as possible and prepare your own meals. However, do not over-do it. Whether you need help around the house or feel it is time to move into a care home make sure you admit this to yourself rather than putting yourself at risk. Extra Care run care homes in Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton and various other places in the midlands. These homes run regular activities which encourage a healthy way of life.