Clenbuterol is an effective aft burner used all over the world. But the users rarely know to carry out the proper cycle based on the needs. This is going to be a guide on how to use it to achieve a good result.

The length of time to take for a proper result is usually four to eight weeks. It comes in different doses considering the different needs users want. Available doses include

  1. 20 mcg tablets
  2. 40 mcg tablets
  3. 50 mcg tablets
  4. 50 mcg tablets
  5. 60 mcg tablets
  6. 100 mcg tablets

Doses vary according to the result expected. Beginners need different dose than frequent users. For beginners, the recommended dose for men is twenty to forty mcg while women are ten to twenty mcg. They should never use higher maximum dose than recommended. For the users who use it often, the maximum dose per day is hundred mcg and using more than that is considered dangerous and may lead to side effects. Most men takes about four to ten tablets a day and women takes about two four tablets.

What you benefit

  • Recovery after steroid cycle: it helps in recovering after long and tiring steroid cycle.
  • Burns fat: it reduces fat effectively and helps in weight loss.
  • Increases size and strength: even though it burns fat, it give great strength, vascularity, size and harness to the muscles.
  • Used as an alternative: it has the properties of mild steroids and so it can be used as an alternative for anabolic steroids.
  • Works as stimulant as well as performance enhancer.

While starting clenbuterol cycle, wait for some weeks if you have just finished a bulking cycle. It is to protect the muscle gained after the bulking up process. A major concern is about the side effects caused. Those who use it in high doses in the beginning cycle itself are the one who have faced most side effects. Usually it may go within just three or four days and is nothing to be worried about if it is tolerable. You just have to decrease the dose during such time to get rid of such side effects. But the usage has to be discontinued once the side effects become intolerable.An also a main point to be remembered is that it has to be taken in the morning. If you work our later, then take it in the early afternoon hours but never during night time because it effects sleep and cause insomnia. Also follow 500 to 1000 calories diet to achieve the desired result.  It is available in different forms pills, drops or injectable that you choose from. But beginners are advised to use pills to get accurate dose and for easy usage. When used safely and with precaution, nothing can come between your dreams to own a superb physic that you always wanted. Prepare the plan, schedule right dosage and reduce the risk of side effects and failure. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.