Cancer can be detected at any age. The cancer is found in people who are above the age of 30 years. As the age of the person increases the aggressiveness of the disease also increases. This is such a disease which does not have any particular or specific symptoms – in most of the cases the disease is detected at an advanced stage.

The person may have various long term complications – but by the time the disease is diagnosed – the chances of survival becomes less. Though in the modern times there are many latest inventions which help in detecting the mouth cancer at an early stage

The experts suggest that they have not still found the exact cause of the oral cancer. The cancer can be caused generally when any kind of genetic changes or mutation happens in the body. These genetic changes or the mutation increases the growth of the cancerous cells at a faster rate which is not a good sign for the body. Since the normal cells present in the body die faster; the cells which are mutated form into a shape of a tumor which would be malignant for the body. Once the tumor is formed in the body it spreads faster to the tissues of the body and then it further spreads to the entire body.

There are many advanced mouth cancer treatment in order to cure this cancer. When the patient is diagnosed about the mouth cancer the doctors on the basis of the pathology report evaluate the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer. The treatment is done according to the progress of the disease. The main aim of the mouth cancer treatment is to reduce the cancer cells and also destroy the cancerous cells in such a manner that they do not reoccur in the future.

There are standard methods and clinical trial methods for the mouth cancer treatment. The standard method of treatment is surgery, chemo therapy, radiation methods, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. Surgery is most sought and so far known as the best method to destroy the cancer cells spreading in the breast. Depending on the spread of the disease the entire breast or a portion of the breast is removed. The mouth cancer surgery cost in india will vary according to the treatment and also the c.

The surgeries are performed in various forms. In the mouth conserving surgery the portion of the mouth where the cancer cells are affected is removed. In this type of oral cancer treatment where just the tumor and the tissue have to be removed then it is known as lumpectomy. In this surgery a portion of the mouth is removed and also a part of the normal tissues are removed. The lymph nodes from the arms are used for the purpose of biopsy. In the hormone therapy the patient is induced to various types of chemicals in order to reduce the hormonal effect of the cancerous cells. The oral cancer surgical cost in india is cheap as compared to other countries.

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