It’s safe to say that every era has its own substance of choice. Think of the Roaring Twenties and you just can’t help but think of bootleg liquor and the wild and witty flapper-filled lifestyle of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker. Think of the Swinging Sixties and between the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, you’re sure to think of the substances that helped inspire some of their greatest hits.

And then there’s vape today. The fact of the matter is that vape has absolutely taken off as the substance of choice for the hipper, more alternative-minded set today. Vape has something of a whole culture built up around it and, indeed, in opposition to Big Tobacco. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to invest in an up-and-coming vape or e-cigarette brand such as Kanger.

Image Reasons

There are a variety of reasons why vape is catching on in popularity nowadays, not the least of which being that Big Tobacco has never seemed smaller in the eyes of today’s youth. The fact of the matter is that decades of anti-tobacco ads have taken their toll and while it’s tragically still true that millions of kids still smoke, it isn’t the cultural force that it used to be and certainly isn’t the iconic generation-defining substance of the moment.

Another reason for that?Customisability – or rather, a lack thereof. One of the reasons why vape and e-cigarettes are so popular is the fact that they work with e-fluids and vape fluids, which in turn are highly customisable. There’s just something about supporting individual craftsmanship that appeals to today’s generation a bit more than the mass-produced tedium churned out by Big Tobacco. Add to that the fact that the best rechargeable e-cigarettes are themselves highly customisable and it isn’t hard to see why, in the age of the app, iPhone, and customisable social media profile, e-cigarettes are preferable to their Big Tobacco counterparts.

Health Reasons

What’s more, there are a variety of health reasons that may point the way towards vaping being the healthier of the two alternatives. While vape is still comparatively new and studies still need to be done, there is some evidence to suggest that vape may well be healthier than Big Tobacco, which is known to be one of the biggest killers in the marketplace today.

Economic Reasons

And then there’s the raw economic incentives involved. The fact of the matter is that cigarettes just aren’t the bargain that they once were. Taxes imposed due to their stigma and dangerous status have driven up the cost and each one’s only good for one use. By contrast, e-cigarettes are rechargeable and customisable and can feature everything from low voltage and resistance protection to USB cables for charging. From their overall style to their economic savvy, they truly are the economic go-to substance of the 21st century.

All this and more point to a bright future ahead for the makers and consumers of the best e-cigarettes on the market today!