Anavar is recognized as an artificial anabolic steroid which was produced by Searle Laboratories. This medication is derived from dihydrotestosterone and it has got a vigorous life of nearly 8-12 hours. The key constituent of this medication is Oxandrolone and it also includes lactose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cornstarch, and magnesium stearate. You can easily purchase this compound in forms of capsules, creams, injections, and pills. This medication has got numerous medical purposes. It is used for treating patients suffering from weight loss due to some illness, infection or injury. This medication can be taken by a sick patient too as it gets metabolized by the users’ liver instead of the kidneys.

This oral anabolic-androgenic steroid can be tolerated well by people of both the genders effectively. It is also side effect friendly but amongst some circles, this medication is greatly underappreciated because of its mild behavior but this happens because of unrealistic expectations from this medication. This medication is excessively useful for preserving and maintaining body weight, particularly lean body mass and it improves wound healing much better in comparison to usual nutritional therapy. In Canada, this medication is viewed as a controlled drug. According to Canadian schedule of illegal steroids, this medication holds a lower rank because of its countless medical benefits.

Ways of taking this medication

You are required to take this medication 2-4 times per day or as advised by your physician. According to your convenience, you can take it along with food or milk. The dosages are prescribed based on the patients’ medical condition besides their response to treatment. You must take this medication regularly and even taking it every day at the same time is highly advised. Generally, this medication is meant for a short-term treatment and you are highly required not to abuse or misuse this compound as it can lead to severe side effects like stroke, improper bone growth, liver disease, mood swings, and mental problems.

Buying this medication in Canada

Some bodybuilders gain access to this compound in Canada minus a prescription but it is equipped with some probable adverse impacts. However, it is really tough to achieve the high-quality legit version of this compound when you are buying it from the underground labs or from the black market. But if you can manage to purchase it from a legal, reliable vendor with an adequate license then you will certainly get a real product. Again, there is a problem, as the majority of these vendors refuse to sell this product to you for the fear of losing their license.

It is also a fact that purchasing through these ways will compel you to pay the highest cost. This medication isn’t an inexpensive one and you are suggested not to buy it from merchants who are willing to give huge discounts. While paying the full price, you increase the chances of getting an authentic product. According to the Canadian schedule of illegal steroids, this medication is illegal but you can buy few brands of this medication from the black market, like, TeragonAnavar, ZentecAnavar, NexgenAnavar, CrazyBulkAnvarol, Northern Pharma, Newport Pharmaceuticals, and BioMex Laboratories Anavar 20.