Anavar is a fitness product which can be used in stack with other products or it can be taken for cutting or by itself and giving your muscles a perfect lean look. Anavar only cycles are undertaken by commonly beginner users of the product to avoid any serious side effects and ensure that they can easily tolerate the drug results. This cycle can be used both for men and women, but the cycle and dosage length would be different for each of the groups.

Anavar would be very mild on the liver, compared to other products available in the market. Several people are able to handle daily doses of 80mg and side effects which can be seen with other products are much less with Anavar. It makes Anavar only cycles a famous and perfect choice among female athletes in particular.

For getting the benefits, you really need the higher doses to get the satisfactory results. This dose is the minimum required to help those users who are suffering from wasting conditions such as AIDS patient and to help burn fat, so that is the recommended dosage for many men.

There are various male users who are going for the higher doses up to 100mg, and less than 20-100mg would be pointless. Women should go for the smaller doses like 10-2 mg per day. Anavar is mildly androgenic, so it wouldn’t produce the same changes in the characteristics of sex as are observed with other products. It wouldn’t cause any type of water retention.

If you are properly following the recommended time on and time off cycle, then you can lose significant amounts of fat easily by using Anavar and can keep most of it off during the cycle time off part. It would make aAnavar only cycling a perfect choice for all the athletes, such as wrestlers and others who really improvement regarding weight, who want to pass their drug test for the seasons, but also want to maintain the results which they have achieved during the time. Anavar is also a better choice for cutting in the spring to get prepared for the beach season.

Anavar is very helpful and reliable for losing fat and gaining strength, but it wouldn’t be great for significant weight gain or for bulking up. In other fitness products, you wouldn’t get the good results but by using Ananvar, you can get solid results for the longer period easily. There are several products which can cause significant water retention and this Anavar will not provide you any problem relating to this.

To know more about the Anavar Only Cycle, you can visit There are some claims made by which you should read and understand. So, try this fat burning product now and your total fat would be reduced with a small dosage easily. It also has some side effects while using it but not at high rate. These side effects wouldn’t bother you much, so try it now!