The Active Passive Trainer is an exercise unit providing active resistance and passive motion. Its weight is 10 Kgs and it can be easily place anywhere helping in easy portability. Place it on the floor for lower body workout and on the table top for upper body exercises. APT has the provision of wide range of exercises which includes workload dependent in which it provides a set level of resistance irrespective of pedal speed and Isokinetic in which there is an increase in resistance with the increase in effort. Its accessories can be easily changed enabling complete utilization of APT by the users with various physical ailments.

Features and clinical applications of Active Passive Trainer are:

Passive mode

  • Dependency on workload
  • Isokinetic workouts
  • Different five levels of resistance
  • Five speeds (20- 60 rpm) for passive exercise
  • Modifiable range of motion
  • Auto reverse feature ensuring discharge of detained muscles.
  • Improves circulation and muscle tone
  • Lessen spasms and swelling

Clinical Applications

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Myopathies
  • Spina Bifida
  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebrovascular Incidence (CVA)

Active Mode

  • Five levels of resistance for active workout
  • Improves strength ,blood circulation and tones the muscles
  • Crank arm height and length can be easily adjusted
  • Stimulate rhythmical locomotion patterns
  • Learn the mechanized action of cycling
  • Active training for lower and upper limbs

Clinical Applications

  • Children with motoric disorder
  • Post polio syndrome
  • Post traumatic brain damage and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Parkinson and multiple Sclerosis
  • Used by senior citizens and Orthopedic pathologies

Exercise with APT

We are required to perform various activities daily. Movement control requires cooperation between the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Apart from the control of the nervous system; an individual needs muscle power, movement of ligaments, joints, muscles and the nervous system.

A muscle kept in a condensed position for a long period develops:

  1. Composition change: Loss of protein tissue, sarcomere & improved amounts of connective tissues.
  2. Passive elastic stiffness increases causing injury which should be prevented.
  3. Longer periods of immobility cause Osteoporosis. It is important to exercise daily to develop muscle strength and increased endurance.

Immobile connective tissues shorten leading to impairment. The whole nervous system is a constant tissue area in which restrictions in one part of the body may cause limitation in another part. Movement also impacts the communication between our nervous system and other tissues. Nerve cells send messages to other tissues in variety of ways. These messages are responsible for the good health of the target tissues. If the viscosity of the axoplasm increases then there is a decrease in the transport speed, thus reducing the speed of the messages sent in both the directions ultimately resulting in tropic changes in the target tissue. Various factors should be considered to prevent such falls.

It is necessary to activate large groups of muscles for bestween 15-45 minutes to improve general physical fitness. Thus, to fulfill functional demands passive and active elements are required. Passive movements should be available to maintain safety of moving joints. Active movement should be upgraded and use different muscle groups. A suitable mechanical device is required to attain this. Many people above the age of 65 tend to have degenerative changes in various joints. For instance osteoarthritis changes in the knee results in pain, lessens the movement and function resulting in contractures and muscle wasting .With the increase in age ; loss of nerve cells, muscle mass, muscle wasting and elasticity of lung tissue reduces. Or we can say there is an impairment which if not treated will develop secondary injuries. So, we can say that appropriate workout is essential to improve mobility, strength and endurance. Thus maintaining the functional abilities of the old and weak people with various ailments.

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