Your journey to surrogacy is a rewarding; however, emotional time. Remember that some best practices make sure that the two parties end with a wonderful experience from first contact to the child’s birth and beyond. The following are some of the things that must be remembered.

Pick the Right Surrogate Agency

Whether you are a gestation surrogate or an intended parent, you have to work with a surrogate agency like ivf-sunrise which will handle the details and ensure your best interests. You will have to consider many things throughout the surrogate process. Being able to work with a trustworthy agency is your key to having an enjoyable surrogacy journey.

Consider a Good Match

The most important portion of having a good gestational surrogacy experience is a good match between the intended parents (IPs) and the surrogate. The surrogate agency must spend effort and time in knowing each party in depth to develop the best match possible. The IPs and the surrogate must be honest about their stand about the match before getting far in the surrogacy process.

Communication Must be in Place

It is critical for both parties to keep in touch. There must be an open and honest communication between each party. Decide on what you and the other party can expect. Also, there must be an open communication with your agency and all involved medical personnel. The agency must be receptive in answering all of your questions.

Reduce Stress with Flexibility

A lot of aspects of the process are not predictable. Transfers can fail, surrogates may need bed rest or the baby may come early. Being able to understand what you can control will minimize the stress and make your surrogacy journey better for each party. A surrogate agency must be flexible enough to enable the IPs and the surrogate has the latitude to forge a great and satisfying relationship.

Do your Homework

In terms of having a good surrogacy experience, due diligence is the key pick a dependable agency and ask some many questions. Try to learn everything on what to expect from the process no matter which party you are. The more information you get, the more comfortable you will be.

Moreover, a good agency must allow you to reach out to them for support at any time of the day. Great agencies wish both IPs and surrogates to have an excellent experience. They should guide both parties through the entire process.