Sitting is bad for you; it is now a proven fact. Recent studies have shown that sitting more than eight hours a day is just as bad for you as smoking. And, if you are spending too much time sitting even exercise isn’t enough to help you.

This is why you need to find more time to get more activity in your life throughout the day to break up the amount of time you spend sitting. That means physical activity at work and at home, and even in between. Some of the symptoms you might experience from sitting too much include headaches, digestive issues, back and shoulder pain, poor sleep, fatigue, swollen feet and ankles, and even an inability to focus.

Get Up and Get Moving

Make extra time in your day for fitness, even if it means getting up in the morning and starting a routine of walking, aerobics, or even biking. Anything to get up and get your body moving. Morning exercise can also help you get more energy to get through the whole day without fatigue.

Walk On Your Breaks

Break or not, take time to get up from your desk or workspace if you have a job that keeps you sitting. The lucky ones are the ones that stand at work. You can break your day up pretty well if you take a walk around the office every chance you get.

Bring a light lunch, with some protein for a boost (like white meats or even nuts), and then spend the rest of your lunchtime walking the stairs or taking a refreshing stroll outside. Walking can do a ton of good for your heart.

Take the Long Way There

You can do a great deal to add more fitness into your day by not parking so close to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking whenever you’re going some place within a mile or so from your home or office.

Play With the Kids or Dog

You can also get more physical activity, and help your family (and family dog) get fit as well if you take some time to have fun playing together. Tag is a great cardio workout. Or take your dog for a jog at least a couple times a week. Dogs need fitness as much as people do.

Join a Team or Gym

If you have the time, and want help staying motivated in your search for more physical activity, you can join a team, if you’re sports minded, or join a gym if you just want a workout. You can find good deals on gym memberships, especially after the New Year.

Don’t let sitting kill you. Get up and start moving more and your body will thank you for it.