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Get Rid of Chronic Foot Pain

Dealing with pain is never easy, but chronic pain can be downright exhausting. Chronic pain is challenging to handle since you may feel like the pain is never going to end.  You may feel like you’re completely alone. You may even feel like your pain is taking over your life. Unfortunately, many sufferers of foot pain feel like there is no hope for healing. This couldn’t be further from the truth! No matter what type of foot pain you might be suffering from, there are many ways you can start to get rid of it once and for all.

First off, listen to your body. If you’re dealing with foot pain, don’t try to go out. Don’t try to exercise. Don’t try to walk. Instead, rest your body until the pain subsides. While you might be tempted to push through the pain, the truth is that you need to give yourself time to recover when you’re dealing with pain. If you’re having a flare-up, try to stay off your feet as much as possible until you start to feel better. While resting isn’t going to be much fun, it’s a necessary part of healing your body.

foot pain

It’s also important that you wear the right type of shoes. WebMD notes that shoes with a cushioned sole and good arch support can help reduce certain types of foot pain. Depending on what is causing your pain, you may find that wearing a support shoe can help you. Many shoe stores carry arch support shoes, but you can also purchase these shoes directly from a podiatrist.

Just as you need to wear shoes that offer good support for your feet, you also need to make sure that you’re avoiding shoes that will further damage your feet. High heels, for example, can make your foot pain dramatically worse. Instead of wearing high heels because they give you a professional appearance, try to remember that high heels can put the pressure on the wrong parts of your feet, causing further damage. Opt for a supportive pair of professional shoes instead. You’ll look great while giving your feet the support they need.

Make sure that you also know when it’s time to seek professional help. Your primary care physician or physical therapist can offer you quite a bit of advice, including heel and foot stretches that can reduce your pain. Many patients aren’t sure how to stretch their feet and are surprised at how much stretching can help. If you do plan to try implementing stretches, make sure that you are consistent with these. Never stretch just once. It may take a few days or even a few weeks of consistent stretching before you see results.

Finally, consider visiting Southfield, MI, foot surgeons for a consult. An office such as The CORE Institute – Michigan can diagnose exactly what’s causing your pain and explain what your treatment options are. While you might not be sold on the idea of surgery to heal your pain, keep in mind that many patients experience relief from their foot pain after being treated by a specialist.