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Anavar is an anabolic androgenic steroid, which is known because of its mildest side effects. The users, who tend to take Anavar, are recommended to determine the way it should be taken. The intake of Anavar, as per the prescribed guidelines of a doctor helps a user to enjoy maximum benefits associated with it. The users can combine Anavar with Dianabol and Anadrol. The users can get more details abou6t it by reading the information mentioned by the bodybuilding websites. Also, the users can read the articles and reviews of the existing users, so as to determine its cycle, recommended benefits, expected side effects, etc.

As per the prescribing guidelines for the Anavar pills, it is considered as the best choice for the females. It has been seen that most of the males tend to take it in its oral or pill form. The dosage of Anavar for men depends upon the reason for using it. Also, it depends upon its tolerance as well as the gender. The individuals, especially men are recommended to start taking Anavar with dosage of 50mg every day. This must be taken during a cutting cycle. As per the reviews of the existing users, the minimum recommended dosage for a man is 30 mg in a day. The users are told that the dosage beyond 80 mg in a day may outweigh the benefits on intake of the drug.

The recommended dosage for women is 10 mg in a day, especially in its pill form. This is not a steroid which is supposed to be used during a bulking cycle. The users are told that, if the women tend to take more than 10 mg in a day during a cutting cycle, they will be unable to avoid undesirable side effects. The women are supposed to take a maximum of 20 mg in a day. The dosage of the Anavar is not well known. The best time to take Anavar pills is half an hour before a workout. The users need to take      the steroids twice in a day and the best time is to take it in the morning and the evening.

The users are suggested to take Anavar by following the instructions given and accompany it with full meal. The intake of Anavar in a recommended way helps in reducing its risk of side effects and produces desired results. The users are told to create a cycle for taking Anavar pills. The cycle depends upon the gender, tolerance, etc.

The prescribing guidelines for Anavar pills must be followed, so as to achieve desired results. The users are recommended to know about the side effects while taking Anavar pills. The times of dosage for men and women are equally important. This reduces the production of testosterone in the body of an individual. The men are suggested to create a cycle for six weeks and give a break of about three to four weeks. The users are suggested that they can combine the steroids with other steroids, so as to obtain desired results.