Infertility Experts

All women want to have children in some point in their lives and enjoy their motherhood. Along with their partners, these women want to raise a family at some stage and give their children all the things that their parents gave them. Unfortunately, many couples suffer from the social stigma and indignities of being childless. These couples also share the same dream of raising a family and enjoying their parenthood. To make matters worse these couples have to have to endure the most of caustic remarks from their family members who fail to understand their plight. However, professional fertility clinics like Cha Fertility Center headed by Dr. Kwang Yul Cha are providing these couples a ray of hope in their endeavor to become parents.

Infertility simply means that a woman is unable to conceive a child for a variety of reasons. The most common cause for infertility in women is having unprotected intercourse with their partners for over a year. Today, as more women join the labor force and want to advance in their careers, there is a sharp decline in the fertility age of most women. These women along with their partner postpone parenthood until they are ready to raise children. This is the reason why most women do not opt for motherhood until they are 35 years or more. Moreover, if such women have undergone unprotected intercourse with their partners for over six months, they need to consult a fertility expert. Even if such couples suffer from numerous miscarriages, they need to visit such a medical specialist. Identification of the cause of the infertility is the first step towards the proper diagnosis and treatment of the issue.

The competent fertility experts with Dr Kwang Yul Cha at Cha Fertility Center understand the type of social stigma and negative attitudes childless couples face in society and from their family members. This is the reason why the experts at this unique fertility center go out of their way to ensure that such couples are feel comfortable before discuss infertility issues. This gives the couples the much need motivation and support that someone is by their side. Moreover, the high success rate of the fertility treatments provided by this state of the art fertility clinic gives such couples a ray of hope that their dreams of becoming parents will become reality.

The competent professional doctors at Cha IVF will counsel you and your partner on your infertility issue. These doctors prescribe a series of medical tests that all childless couples have to undergo to determine the cause of the infertility. This help in selecting the appropriate treatment that the couple needs to realize their dream of having children. The fertility experts in this unique clinic ensure that all the patients that come to them get personalized treatment and care. This is the reason who you will find many positive reviews on the clinic’s website from couples who have realized their dream of becoming parents.

Cha Fertility Center is the only fertility center in the world to have its own egg bank. This allows women the option to freeze their eggs and become pregnant whenever they wish to in the future with this procedure.