Holistic nutrition deals with the proper formation and implementation of a patient specific diet plan. This is done with the goal of enabling him to nourish and integrate the mind, body and soul thereby eliminating many a cause of disease, both physical and psychological.

With a number of universities and schools offering academic programs dealing in the various fields of holistic medicine and nutrition, it is very easy to get confused. But getting to know the career options available will enable the student to choose the correct educational course and get the appropriate certification. Even for getting a nutrition certification online, the following things have to be kept in mind:

  1. Whether the student wants to go in for a degree or certification course. While a degree course takes a longer time to complete, they provide a broader knowledge of the subject. Certification courses are generally short term and involve specialised training in specific fields.
  2. The various options that are available for him to choose from, like:
    1. Holistic health practitioner,
    2. Holistic nutrition practitioner or holistic nutritionist,
    3. A combination of both health and nutrition practitioner
    4. A HygioPhysician or
    5. A holistic health doctor.

Certificate and degree programs available

Courses and degrees offered by the universities, based on the above career options can either be

  • Certified courses which also allow for nutrition certification online in the fields of health and nutrition,
  • Degree courses which offer a bachelors, masters and subsequent doctorate study programs in holistic natural health, holistic nutrition or a combination of both health and healing and
  • Study programs to become a certified HygioPhysician.

Who is a HygioPhysician?

A HygioPhysician is a practitioner or doctor involved in

  • Hygienic and holistic health healing and
  • Advising proper nutrition based on the problems affecting the patients.

They were previously known as Hygienic Doctors. HygioPhysicians practice holistic education and alternative principles of health based on the philosophy of Hygienic and natural health. In order to become a HygioPhysician or use this designation, a person must

  • Complete the certified program and receive certification from the University of Natural health,
  • Report for recertification after every three years which will be awarded only if
    • He completes a couple of selected tests proving his commitment towards the philosophy of hygienic natural health,
    • The University of Natural health deems it fit to do so.

The field of holistic nutrition is a very interesting field as it deals with using natural methods to heal the various ailments of the body. Concentrating on the body as a whole enables its detoxification and purification thereby curing many ailments in the process.