Laser body shaping is a non invasive method to help you attain the body shape that you have always dreamed of. It is suitable for women who have large hips and thighs due to excessive fat in the area. It is also ideal for men who want to get rid of their fat belly. It will remove the fat in problem areas and tighten up the skin so that no one can notice the cellulite appearance. It is better compared to undergoing painful operation. The laser beam that is used to destroy the fat cells is gentle to the body. There are two main types of body shaping laser technology including UltraShape and VelaShape.

UltraShape is an ultrasound technology that can selectively focus on the fat cells under the epidermis and above the muscles. It only destroy the fat cells and will not cause any damage to the area around the skin. The fat cells that have been destroyed will naturally be eliminated via the metabolic system in the body. Since it is a non surgical method for getting rid of unwanted fat, it will be quite safe.

There won’t be any scar since you are not going under the knife. No bandaging is required and you don’t have to undergo any care in post operation. UltraShape body shaping machines offer long term result. To maintain a good body shape, you should live a healthy lifestyle. You will not experience any downtime during the treatment and you can continue to carry out your daily routine as usual. You will start seeing result of noticeable weight loss in just a few weeks after the treatment.

Velashape is recommended for people who want to get rid of excessive cellulite fat. Just like UltraShape, it is an approved FDA body contouring procedure. It removes the excessive cellulite fat cells by increasing the size of the blood vessels so that the fat can be easily flushed away. It will increase the blood circulation at the same time.

Velashape body contouring laser treatment lasts for 20 minutes – 2 hours. During the Velashape treatment, the laser technician will apply a hand piece with roller underneath. It is very comfortable as the hand piece roll over the skin surface.

The laser will cause the cellulite fat to melt and disperse into tiny cells so that it is easy to be flushed out from the body. Usually, the doctor will recommend that you undergo a treatment session every 1 – 2 months. After you finished attending all the treatment procedures, you can attend maintenance sessions every month.

Velashape is suitable for women who have just given birth. If you have a fat belly after giving birth, you can try to use Velashape to get rid of the excessive fat. Most people opt for undergoing 3 sessions of Velashape laser removal treatments but you have the option to undergo for more sessions. You will notice that the area becomes smaller after each treatment. You can see drastic result within a minimum period of 4 weeks. There are lots of medical facilities that offer both UltraShape and Velashape laser removal treatments.